John Scalzi is a Jerk!

Dammit, Scalzi, why couldn’t you have written War and Peace? I might actually have gotten through it, then!

The Collapsing Empire is another amazing, compelling read from the author who may well be the synthesis of Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein, AND he happens to be alive, which is a HUGE plus to those of us who want to read new stuff from our favourite authors! The only drawback to this book that I can see is that – like almost everything he has written – I have torn through it with the voraciousness of a solo teenager gobbling ‘Unlimited’ movie popcorn at an all-night screening of the Star Wars Universe… NOW, I have to endure the almost incomprehensible wait while he shakes off the task of writing this book, takes in the result of the 2016 US Presidential Election, undergoes multiple rounds of therapy, and huddling with cats (he SEEMS like a cat person, doesn’t he?), does the Book Show Circuit, finally dusts himself off, and gets back to the task of writing the sequel(s). There ARE going to be sequels, right?

Tightly written, wonderfully conceived, and interspersed with just enough profanity to provide comedic relief, The Collapsing Empire is at least as enjoyable a read as Red Shirts (personally, I think Empire is a LOT better, but that just be my preference for empire-based stories – THANKS Asimov – talking). Mr. Scalzi (I’m sucking up, now because I NEED him to get back to work, here – I am NOT getting any younger!) is almost assured another round of Awards with this one, and has absolutely cemented his place in the Pantheon of the SF Greats! (Dammit, that means we have to pay him more for his books, too! Jeez!)

Anyway, read Collapsing Empire – you are going to LOVE it!


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